Sunsweet Pacific Tropicals Pineapple, Philippine

Dried Marigold pineapple. Juicy & tangy. Naturally and artificially flavored. On a less traveled island of the lush Philippines, we found a hidden paradise producing pineapple with flavor like no other in the tropics. Our Marigold Pineapple comes exclusively from this area's ideal conditions which create a delicious flavor unmatched anywhere in the world. Marigold Pineapple: you won't believe the taste of our pineapples! Succulent pineapple wedges, these divine temptations will shock your taste buds! For recipes and more great ways to enjoy Sunsweet marigold pineapple visit us online. For questions or comments call: 1-800-417-2253. 9 AM - 6 PM EST, Mon-Fri. Please recycle. Product of the Philippines.