Olay Cloths, Refreshing Make Up Removal 20 Ea

7.8 x 6.2 in (20 x 16 cm). S'wipe out! Fresh & Swift: Gentle, everyday cleansing in a jiffy. Each of these special pre-moistened cloths is covered in soft cleansing pockets to lift away dirt and make-up - even waterproof mascara - in a flash. With light Olay moisture and vitamin E they leave skin feeling clean, soft and smooth all in one easy step. So S'wipe off your day for freshness you can see and feel. Oil-free. Dermatologically tested. Non-comedogenic, so it won't block your pores. For an even fresher effect, use together with an Olay Fresh Effects moisturizer. Facebook: www.facebook.com/olay. Questions? 1-800-285-5170. www.olayfresheffects.com. Made in the Netherlands.