McCormick Gourmet Organic Crystallized Ginger, 2 oz

McCormick Gourmet Crystallized Ginger is made from fresh peeled, diced ginger that’s crystallized with a light cane sugar coating. It adds a sweet spiciness to desserts, baked goods, confections and so much more. Our ginger is sourced for superior quality and is certified organic and non GMO. It’s perfect for adding an sweet bite to gingerbread, spice cookies, scones and muffins. Ginger’s spicy-sweet warmth complements fruit recipes – add to the poaching liquid for pears, apple pie filling, fruit salad or the holiday cranberry sauce. For an Asian-inspired salad, include chopped crystallized ginger in the dressing. Ginger is recognized as a digestive aid, so enjoy some crystallized ginger after a meal with a cup of tea.