Sterno Cooking Fuel, 3 Pack 3 Ea

The final touch of perfection. Smart can. Heat indicator. Heat Indicator: Hot. Patented heat-sensing labels change color when can is too hot to touch. Be prepared! At home or on the go, Sterno is great to have on hand for emergency situations. Weather emergencies. Blackouts & power outages. Automobile safety. Up to 2-1/4 hours total burn time (45 minutes of burn time per can). Sterno has been the leader in portable canned heating fuels for more than 100 years. Our patented solid gel formula resists spills and is safe for indoor use when used as directed. Safer - Solid gel Sterno Cooking Fuel contains no free liquids to spill. Consistent heat output throughout the burn keeps food hot and safe. Zero harmful emissions - Sterno Gel Cooking Fuels are alcohol-based, which burn extremely clean. Reusable until all the contents are consumed. Compact and durable! Perfect for outdoor cooking! Safe for the environment! Gel formula is biodegradable and water soluble, steel can is recyclable. Made in USA.