Yogi Tea, Honey Lavender, Stress Relief, Tea Bags 16 ea

Soothing serenity blend. Find serenity with honey lavender stress relief. Relax and breathe in the enchanting aroma of our honey lavender stress relief tea. Traditionally used relaxing herbs lavender, chamomile and lemon balm combine in this delicious blend to soothe your mind and body during a stressful day or to unwind into a restful night. By buying products with the Rainforest alliance seal, you are supporting farmers to promote the rights and well-being of workers, conserve natural resources and protect wildlife and the environment. Yoga to bring peach of mind. Sitting cross-legged, rest your right hand on your right knee. Block your left nostril with your thumb. Breathe slowly and deeply through your right nostril only, yes closed. Focus on your breath for 3 minutes. Sit up straight, take a few deep breaths and relax. Please ask your doctor if this exercise is suitable for you. Yogi Principles: We blend with intention. Our flavorful teas are created to support body and mind. We believe in the synergistic benefit of herbs, combining ingredients to enhance their wellness-supporting potential. We blend the best of what nature has to offer using the finest spices and botanicals from around the globe. Rainforest Alliance certified. Certified B Corporation.