Ensure Advanced 4 Pack Vanilla Nutrition Shake 4 ea

Natural and artificial flavor. 20 g protein. 320 calories. Gluten free. Halal. 26 vitamins & minerals. Muscle: 20 g protein +HMB. Heart: Plant-based omega-3 ALA; Immune: Antioxidants (Vitamin C and E, Selenium). Digestion: 3 g prebiotic fiber. Bone: Vitamin D and calcium. Patended formula. No. 1 doctors recommended brand. All in One: bone; muscle, heart; digestion; immune. Patented Ensure Enlive is our most advanced nutritional product, designed to help rebuild your strength and energy from the inside, with an all-in-one blend to support your health. Suitable for lactose intolerance. Ensure.com/Enlive. Call 1-800-986-8727 or visit Ensure.com/Enlive for more information.