Kretschmar Premium Deli Old Fashioned Loaf

Kretschmar Premium Deli Old Fashioned Loaf brings a delicious taste of the Old World to your packed lunch, snacks or dinners. Our classic sliced deli lunch meat is made from only the finest, natural ingredients for the highest quality and delicious taste. Made with pork and beef, our old fashioned loaf is ready to eat for an easy meal that will please the entire family. Fresh, never frozen, this classic deli sandwich meat is sliced from the deli to your specifications and is ready to stack atop your favorite sandwich bread. Pair it with yellow mustard and creamy Havarti cheese for an elevated twist on a traditional deli sandwich, or serve it alongside assorted cheeses, olives and pickles on a deli platter that makes a delicious addition to any picnic or party spread. Kretschmar Premium Deli Old Fashioned loaf should be refrigerated to maintain freshness. Try the legendary taste of Kretschmar today.