Halo Top Cake Mix, Light, Strawberry 1.76 Oz

Halo Top is bringing its delicious ice cream flavors to the baking aisle so you can enjoy a little strawberry flavored cake in a cup indulgence anytime with this Halo Top Light Cake Mix* in a delicious Strawberry flavor. With 170 calories per container as prepared, you can have a sweet dessert treat and still feel good about what you eat. Just add water and pop in the microwave, and you can have your cake in minutes and eat it too. Pair it with your favorite Halo Top ice cream flavors for the perfect combination of decadence and self care. Happiness is your very own cup of strawberry cake. Why did we make light* strawberry cake that tastes just like strawberry cake? Well, it's pretty simple: we like strawberry cake so much we wanted to eat it more. So, we created delicious, single-serving light strawberry cake that has 170 calories per serving, so we could do just that. Now you can too. *170 calories per container. 1/3 Fewer Calories than the Average of the Five Leading Prepared Cake Mixes. Halo Top Light Cake Mix: 170 calories; 4.5g fat per serving. Five leading regular cake mixes (average): 280 calories; 13g fat per serving.