Corazon Extra Anejo Tequila, 750ml, 80 Proof

Taste the Heart of the Highlands of Jalisco with Corazon Extra Anejo Tequila. Made from 100% superior highlands blue Weber agave, Corazon Extra Anejo Tequila is produced through traditional craft methods with zero additives. Aged at least 36 months in American oak barrels, this extra anejo tequila features aromas of earthy roasted pineapple greens blend with sweet vanilla. Oak, tropical fruit and spice notes meld together for an ultra-smooth tequila with a sophisticated finish. Enjoy the authentic flavor of this 80 proof liquor straight or in your favorite tequila cocktails, from a paloma to margaritas, frozen or on the rocks. Store Corazon Anejo Tequila at room temperature or store in the freezer to enjoy this blue agave spirit chilled. Corazon Tequila. Heart Matters.