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POSITION: Bakery Cake Decorator DEPARTMENT: Bakery Department REPORTS TO: Bakery Manager JOB FUNCTION: To produce all decorated Bakery items according to company standards and within budgetary guidelines. Understand T.E.A.M.: Together Everyone Achieves More. Customer Service: 1. Ensure Customer Service is Always a # 1 Priority within the Bakery department and throughout the market. 2. When receiving telephone orders, communicate with customers in a professional, courteous manner. 3. Ensure that orders are taken accurately and filled according to each customer’s specifications. 4. Strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction at all times. Decorator Duties: 1. Maintain the compliance of the Food Safety Code within the department. 2. Understand proper scale operation procedures and ensure that all weights and tares are accurate. 3. Ice and decorate baked product using proper equipment, product and supplies, according to trained procedures. 4. Ensure effective merchandising of bakery products through proper production, stocking, rotating and arranging decorated baked goods. 5. Monitor all product for quality and freshness, removing outdated product from the shelf. 6. May be responsible for ordering and maintaining adequate supplies related to the decorating of prepared bakery items. 7. Understand and abide by all government rules, regulations and standards for the bakery department. 8. Assist in the receiving and storing of all bakery product. 9. Participate in seasonal and special bakery promotions. 10. Work effectively within the bakery team. 11. Help in bakery production and clean up as needed. 12. All other duties as assigned.

Responsibilities Include:


1. Accept responsibility for cleanliness and organization of the Bakery as directed by management.

2. Use cleaners and sanitizers regularly, in accordance with all company and government standards.

3. Assist in the disassembly, cleaning and reassembly of bakery equipment as needed, or as directed by management.

4. Keep bakery cases, display tables and coolers clean and free of debris.

5. Keep decorating area neat, clean and organized at all times.

6. Maintain all bakery equipment in good working order.

7. Notify management of any equipment problems, temperature variations of coolers, freezers, ovens, proofers, etc.


1. Be familiar with the market layout; location of safety and emergency equipment.

2. Report all accidents, injuries, or hazardous situations to Market Management.

3. Observe security standards by staying alert and being aware of customers actions and behavior, report any abnormal behavior.

Human Resources:

1. Comply with all company policies, programs and directives as specified in the C K Leasing handbook.

2. Maintain a high level of morale within the Market, using friendly byt professional methods of honest, open communication.

3. Assist in training associates and co-workers when directed to do so.

4. Notify department manager of situations or policy violations having an adverse effect on market operating performance or of situations requiring disciplinary action or that may potentially require such action

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